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Two Derbies - 48 Hours - 5 Talking Points

Thursday 24th March - 21:00

Saigon Saints vs. The Team Formerly Known as Kevin’s Team Moi

Saturday 26th March – 16:00

Saigon Saints vs. Vikings

Two games in under 48 hours and as Webmaster 1.0 would say, two derbies! The biggest test of the Saints’ mettle since the 2019 German All-Stars Tournament in Bangkok. Let’s take a look at what’s on the lips of the lads, the ladies, the ultras, wags and even, the cry-babies.


Saints’ stalwart and SIFL chairman, James Teague, was swept into power on a campaign promise of a derby a day for every club, and boy, did he deliver.

‘I dream of a future where every club in Saigon, no matter how few they are, can wake up to a derby every goddamn day! Monday? Derby, so it is. Tuesday? Derby, so it is. Wednesday? Derby, so it is. Thursday? Pool

league Derby. A derby in every driveway, one for every man, woman and child.’

Many observers thought he was joking, but here we are.


Bane of chubby old SIFL fullbacks, better known as Saints’ captain, Chris Grant, made his long-awaited return off the bench in our last outing and is back in contention for a starting berth for the 48-hour football bonanza. A much-needed injection of attacking thrust, oo-er.


Only the keenest followers of amateur football in Saigon will have noticed the Saint’s penchant for knocking the occasional precision, angular pass, that’s not short nor necessarily along the ground, towards Darragh Glynn’s noggin. At some point, defenders may catch onto this sly tactic, but what are they going to do about it? I’ll tell ya. Nothin’, they’ll do nothing!


And so, it was agreed for evermore that there must always be a minimum of one Sweeney in a Saints’ squad. The lord taketh Sean to Belfast but he giveth Kevin in his stead. Let not the weary footballers in Saigon rest easy in their beds at night. Let them awake with a whisper on the night air, ‘Mmm, your hair smell’s lovely, what conditioner do you use, is that lavender?’


As the dust settles in a post-covid Saigon and by dust, I mean the virus itself and by settles, I mean spreads throughout… you get the drift, many have come and gone from the squad. Let’s focus on those that have found their way to the club.

Blanchardstown man, Ross Cunningham, has become an instant crowd favourite, as have former abused referees/ linesmen Hung and Toan. Jordi Drietelaar shirts are sold out of the club shop. Ciaran Rocliffe grabbed his first goal last week, while Richie McAuliffe, Shane Redmond, Allan Power and Kevin Cremin have also bolstered the squad with much-needed reinforcements of Irishmen.


Recent weeks have seen the return of some familiar faces; Club Meditation Facilitator - Callum Rollo, Club Youth Academy – Oscar Lorimer, Longest-serving New Signing – Kevin O’Sullivan and Most Like-a-New-Signing – Tri Lecao.

A massive six points available, points our opponents are just as much in need of. Tune in on the Facebook stream or get down to the pitch and show your support.

All welcome to jump on the bus leaving Tri Hai on Saturday after the game for The Rabbit Hole.

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