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Formed in 1995 and almost called Saigon Smokers (a reference to some, um, potential sponsors at the time) Saigon Saints quickly became one of the most respected amateur football clubs in HCMC.


We are a completely amateur expat Football club run by a team of (mostly) willing volunteers. We compete in the annual Saigon International League every year and train on a weekly basis.


We also hold regular social events to keep our footballers entertained and during the year there are international tours and weekend trips to glamorous locations in Vietnam and beyond.


We have open training on Monday nights from 6.30-8.00 pm and full training Wednesday nights 7-8.30pm.

Currently, we train and play our games at Tri Hai Stadium in An Phu, near District 2.

Get in touch to register for training, first session is free and normally costs 100,000 VND for members.

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The Saints are proud to be one of the most diverse football teams in the SIFL -- our current squad contains players from Ireland, England, Scotland, France, Portugal, Bermuda, Spain, Azerbajain, Russia, India, New Zealand, and Vietnam and in recent times we have had players from Denmark, Ecuador, Singapore, Turkey, Italy, Mexico, and many other countries around the world.

It goes without saying that absolutely everyone is welcome. Some of our club members work weekends and so only practice during the week and some are purely social.

If you'd like to join, contact us or check out the training page to see details for our next training session where you can meet some of the guys.


To begin most new players pay-as-they-play (training is VND100,000 -- less than $5 per session). Regular players are encouraged to become members. Membership fees are 3.5 million VND.

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