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Saigon Saints 1-1 Saigon Hotshots


Saigon Saints VS Kevin’s Team Sunday 25th Feb


With the Saints conveniently averaging one league game a month, we went into this crucial ‘derby’ unbeaten in the league since October 2017. The last outfit to get the best of us was indeed Kevin’s team where they shaded an extremely close game 4-0, with even Kevin Fox being quoted in a post match interview as saying “I can’t believe it was (only) 4-0”. Couldn’t agree more Kev, Saints robbed!

Taking confidence from our five match unbeaten streak, coupled with a strong desire to never again have to listen to Vice Captain Quantrill telling us about getting our ‘tummy’s tickled’, the Saints entered this game with motivation at an all time high.

Kick off!

The Saints started the game very strongly with the terrifying Irish duo of Sean Sweeney and Bobby Burke bullying the opposition, and with new signing and fellow Irishman Richie ‘showbiz’ Blain putting in a mesmerising performance down the left flank. Kevin’s team clearly realized they had a game on their hands, and wouldn’t be scraping another 4-0 victory out of this game.

Although we were unable to capitalize on this early pressure, our intent was clear ‘The Saints meant business!!’

’15 mins: Saigon Saints 0-1 Kevin’s Team (lucky goal, no big deal!)

The Red Card that never was!

After the minor blip that was going behind, the Saints got back to what we do best, playing direct football while screaming classic footballing clichés such as “They don’t want it”, “Let them know you’re there”, and “I got the ball ref!”.

All this combined to produce the first clear-cut chance of the game for Saints Silverfox Conor O’Reilly. Through on goal, the grey haired Irishman was ruthlessly dragged to the floor by the last remaining defender.  


Seemingly confused by the rules, the referee produced only a YELLOW card to the astonishment of the Saints Ultras. In a desperate attempt to clarify the situation, O’Reilly removed his shirt to kindly aid the referee in assessing the damage that was done to his precious Saints Jersey.

Yellow Card – Conor O’Reilly

The booking seemed harsh but Saint’s gaffer and sun-tan enthusiast Simon Finnigan seemed to back up the referee after the game by saying “Quite frankly I thought he deserved at least a yellow for exposing himself like that. You should be at least a light shade of mahogany before taking one’s shirt off. I mean are we not living in the tropics?”

Half Time: Saigon Saints 0-1 Kevin’s Team

Feeling rightfully hard done by with the half time scoreline, the Saints continued to pile on the pressure, with Centre half duo Hulbert and Crane having very little to do at the back. Excellent performances in the middle from Eden Kane, Judd McDonald, and James Quantrill saw the Saints assert their dominance over Kevin’s team.

The constant pressure and excellent work-rate of the Saints proved dividends when an unselfish layoff from Bobby Burke left Sean Sweeney with an open goal to calmly slot the ball into.

Saigon Saints 1-1 Kevin’s Team

Despite the Saints applying the pressure and seeking a winner, the referee brought the game to an end with both teams earning a hard fought point.

As always the Saints enjoyed their post-game beverages, no one more so than Mark ‘smalltalk’ Foley who seemed delighted that he had started at right back ahead of the seemingly irreplaceable John Redmond. With no one wanting to break the little mans spirit, his team mates refrained from pointing out that JR had merely requested to play at left back this week.




If you are interested in playing football in Saigon, contact the Saigon Saints today. We play 5-a-side, 7-a-side and 11-a-side football in various amateur/ex-pat football leagues, all across HCMC and further afield.

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