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PREVIEW: 5 Talking Points Ahead of Saigon Saints vs Olympique

A happy New Year from the Saigon Saints to our friends, ultras, wellwishers, hell, even our rivals. Especially to our sponsors Placeinsaigon, O'Brien's Bar and Cushman and Wakefield. It's the first game of 2018!

Five Talking Points Ahead of Saigon Saints vs Olympique

Saigon Saints and Light Snacks

Unbeaten in three games or if want to spin it another way, two months! The Saigon Saints strategy of not playing all that many games has paid dividends, allowing the squad to stay fit, healthy and available for brunch. It would be nice to hope that some fitness was maintained over Christmas, but a more realistic approach may be to hope that the French lads went overboard on the Yuletide hors d'ouvres. However, the man who decides the Saints' starters is nowhere to be seen, Simon Finnigan, continues to search for his soul in a hammock somewhere, but has sent strict instructions to not let James Teague take any throw ins and to put it up them, so to speak.

The Returning Alex Crane and Troy Crosse

'Play Crane!' 'Put Crane in!' 'Crane this, Crane that.' 'The baby's yours Alex!' 'Gain Crane for Crane gain!' 'Go Mista Alex!'


The ultras' favourite grey haired Lothario is back in the squad this week, after a lengthy layoff with a mild eating disorder and maybe an injury of some sort. While Alex had the decency to create a valid excuse for his absence from training, the same can not be said for Troy Crosse. Troy gave up training two months ago (coincidentally when the long unbeaten run began) he was rumoured to have said, 'Look bruv, I ain't training no more, I am facking ready and if Hulbert, Finnigan or facking even Ian Pavitt himself have anything to say about it, tell them to say it to my boat.' It certainly sounds like Troy, but we'll give him the benefit of the doubt and hope for a cheeky winner from the cheeky cockney.


O'Brien's Bar

A new year, a new venue, the first court of the year and zesty beef rolls out the wazzoo. Saigon Saints official new bar sponsor opens their doors and possibly their heart tonight to many sophisticated evenings of Saints' political discourse, polite ribbing and occasional partial nudity.


JR's Headband

Apparently a 7.30pm kick-off does not afford John Réamonn enough time to get his hair cut, so he has reached out to his teammates and sourced a rather fetching headband. THE headband that captain Ben Hulbert once wore while playing against a well known tennis star. Let's hope JR gets better results than the skipper's tennis career produced.


Bobby Burke is Coming to Get You

You are an aging, let's say, French defender, and you like to put your foot on le ball and pass it the right way, you like many fine things and like to do them at your own pace. You put your foot on the ball, you look up, you let the cool wind breeze against your neck and you think to yourself, 'we can not be beaten by this... riff raff.' Then you notice that one of the riff raff, booze hounds can not only run, but seems to be running straight at you. What offence! He takes the ball from you and brushes his shoulder against yours.

Do you:

a) Move the ball a bit quicker next time.

b) Take your ball and go home.

c) I already hoofed the ball.

If you chose a) please contact the Saigon Saints immediately.

If you chose b) you may be an Olympique player.

If you chose c) you may already play for us.


Saigon Saints vs Olympique kicks off at 730pm at HCA - 324 Chu Van An



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