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Pressure Mounts on Beleaguered O’Reilly


Saints’ Charity Officer cum Assistant Social Secretary, Conor O’Reilly, has found himself in the spotlight once again, after two big-hearted and blue-eyed Saints turned up at the Green Bamboo Boys Shelter this morning for the weekly outing, only to be turned away after an apparent gaffe from the Dublin man. One of the two Saints turned away spoke to us anonymously, with his beard disguising most of his face.

‘I’m disappointed and yes, I do blame him (Conor), I wasted a Friday night over this. He has to go!’

 O’Reilly for his part was unrepentant and vowed to fight on, denying that there were any financial irregularities, despite the fact that no one asked him if there were.


Slipping/Jumping(?) Off the Suspension Tightrope


A quick peek at the SIFL disciplinary league table, shows that the Saints are top of the league after all. With several individual Saints jostling for position in the top five individual ranking as well, it was only a matter of time before the suspension ban hammer fell on one of them. Experience told as both Jimmy Q and Chuck Marion chose to clear their slate, before next week’s derby versus you know who. As those two put their feet up this week, several more Saints still teeter clumsily on the ol’ tightrope, trying to stay clear of the acrobats and clowns and their whistles.


Charity Scandal #2


Mark Foley is hosting a quiz or is he? Is he? Well he is? But whose quiz, eh? Is it his quiz or wha?


You’re So Vain You Probably Think This Talking Point is About You


When news broke that Q’s booking meant that he would miss the Nam An game, the question on everyone’s mind was, how on earth could they cope with the loss of Alex Crane. Crane’s fifth renaissance in the past two years, has left many experts scratching their heads. Timing his return well, Colin Owens comes back from injury in his place in a team that cannot lose their unbeaten run in Q’s absence, actually, thinking about it.


Oh When the Saints


Tough game today against some able opposition, but I think by this point we can all agree it will be at least as tough for them as well. Three points and onto watch a parked bus, in O’Brien’s.



Saigon Saints vs Nam Am kicks off @4pm @324 Chu Van An HCA Field


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